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For  Discerning Couples Seeking a Stress-Free and Intimate Wedding Experience !

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We've provide couples the opportunity to Elope in Austin with ease, affordability and elegance. Be it an elopement for two atop Mt Bonnell or a few family members witnessing your vows at Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center, perhaps the two of you and your kids under the wedding arch at Mayfield Park or saying "I do" at the Little White Chapel or Kindred Oaks, we help couples create magic that will be nothing short of spectacular.

We specialize in stress-free elopement and small wedding packages in beautiful, weird Austin.

Call, Chat, Text or Email... it really is that simple!

We know you have all sorts of questions so we have answered many  questions we hear all the time.

So, please follow this link and hopefully all your questions will be satisfied. If not  ask Sofie or Rev. Lorelei in chat, text or phone!



Choose an Elopement Package here. Then choose a location here. 


Fill out the Book My Wedding Form here.  This is where you can tell us everything we need to know!


Confirm your wedding date with a paid deposit  and a signed electronic agreement. 


You receive a next step email and confirmation from our team


You show up and get married! Is really is that easy!


Emilia said...

DO IT! Their price point is LITERALLY the best in the industry, and they work with you individually to create a truly unique and special experience. I was blown away by the attention to detail they had, and their care to truly make our day the most memorable day of our lives! Also, the photos taken were breathtaking! Our family and friends have been endlessly impressed, and loved the intimacy of the pictures so much, they didn't even mind they weren't there, lol!


Shelly said... 
Lorelei was responsive and informative to my husband and I when we booked our wedding. She took care of sending us a wonderful professional photographer, also. On the big day, the Reverend Ed arrived on time with our photographer, and they patiently did their magic and gave us a beautiful ceremony. Reverend Ed was ready with a handkerchief when my inevitable tears came and did his best to help me to relax. Lorelei took care of filing our marriage license with the county clerk, also. I can recommend Elope In Austin to couples looking for a stress-free wedding ceremony.

krista said... 
Rev Ed and Rev Lorelei are beyond amazing. We didn't have a large amount of family local and didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money, so we chose an elopement package with not many expectations. They did a phenomenal job starting with coordinating it all in one weeks timeframe.  The photography came out amazing, with no effort or prompting on our part and yet Lorelei managed to capture every single important moment! It was easily the most stress free event I have ever been a part of let alone MY own wedding!