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DIY Wedding Packages 

Sheri Roberson Staff Photographer

So, you want to design your own wedding package?  We love DIY couples and encourage you to create the perfect package from our ala carte menu.

If you have any questions we are here to help,  just chat with Sofie or call us... we take the worry out of wedding planning.

1. First step is to choose a date and time .

2.Then decide the on the location, from wedding venues, to parks or local attractions.  

3. Then decide what elements you want in your package;  minister;  photos, flowers, cake etc. 

4. Then fill out the DIY wedding form below and hit send. We will take care of all the details from there.


~Possible Venues~ 

Little White Chapel

The Vista on Seward Hill

Kindred Oaks  

La Haceinda 

Chapel Dulcniea


*   All of these venue have fees to use them. Most are $250 per hour.

* You can only book these venues on weekdays. Sunday - Thursday. 

* However the closer we get to a certain date, if they don't have a wedding, we may be able to fit you in. So just ask Sofie what is available. 

~ Possible Park and Public Locations ~

Mayfield Park

Mt. Bonnell

Lady Bird Johnson WildFlower Center

360 Over Look

I Love You So Much Mural

Chapel Dulcniea

Public parks and Austin attractions are a great places to say I do. Some have permit fees, some don't. Lots of variations, rules and regulations so if you want to have your wedding at one of these places or some where  special to you just let us know we will take care of all the details. 

Check out all the things you can add to any package. Remember that some if these items are already in your package so it  isn't necessary to add them.

Small Bridal Bouquet  $75

Large Bridal Bouquet $125

Bridesmaids Bouquet $45

Jr. Bridesmaid Bouquet $25

Petal w/ Basket $ 25

Grooms Boutonniere = $10

Moms corsage $55

Rose Petals $25 

Fresh Flower Arrangements $ 35 and up

Minister - Booked for Traditional  Venue  - $350.00 

Single just  for two cake $55

Single Tier One Layer Cake $125/ feed 14 ppl

Single Tier Two layer Cake $155/ feed 30 ppl

Double Tier Cake $250 will feed lots of ppl 

Utensils $25 for 14ppl -  $50 for 30 ppl

Server $150

Small Photo Package $250

Large Photo Package $500

Venue Fee $250 (per hour) 

Limo Service $400 and up

Fill out my online form.