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Terms and conditions I Do, Make it Legals are all pre paid in full.  



1. Your marriage license is not included in the fee. Please see rules for obtaining your license here.

2. There is a 72 hour wait period for all licenses, this means you cant buy it the same  day you want to get married ....unless you have a waiver. Waivers are issued by the county clerk. WE CAN NOT SUPPLY a waiver or the license. . 

3. Rehearsals are done on the day of the ceremony.  

4. All I Do Packages and Make it Legals are PAID IN FULL at the time of the booking. 


Refund Policy:

1. Your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE within 3 days of siging our contract. No Exceptions.  if you cancel the wedding. You may use this deposit for up to 1 year after original date  of the  wedding.

2. If you have paid in full and cancel the wedding prior to 30 day pre-period, your deposit will be retained.

3. If you cancel within 29 days of days of the wedding date the entire amount is NON REFUNDABLE 

4. To cancel the wedding you must follow this procedure.

    a. One partner must call us immediately.  

    b. An emailed or written cancellation must also be sent and include the names of both parties. 

    c. Any refund will be returned to the person who paid it  through the paypal method or the card to which it was charged. 

5. If you cancel and wish to re-instate the wedding there is a $100 fee and date and time are not guaranteed. 


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 CEREMONY HOURS: Based on Availability