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Terms and conditions

1. Please fill out form below to be placed on our schedule.

2. Your fee will be based upon the package you choose.

3. Next Steps:

    a. You will receive a  confirmation letter outlinning what we will provide. Please review it CARFEULLY and return it with

     confirmed in the subject line. If there is anything you did not agree to or something you want to change please add to this

     email and respond promptly. This is where we clarify everything through this process and then create a contract,  we need to          make sure everything is correct. REMEMBER, if we send out a contract and the info was wrong  we have to charge an              

     additional 14.00 to redo it. So be detailed. The contract defines our obligations and yours!

     b. Once we have confirmed everything, you will recieve an electronic contract throug Adobe Sign. Please review it carefully as

     it defines our agreement.  IF WE HAVE MADE AND ERROR we will redo it at no cost, if the error was yours we charge $14.00  

     and sign. You can always add items to your contract but not delte them!

    c. You will receive a PayPal invoice for the entire amount.  1/2 deposit is required and subtracted from total for packages

     booked 30 days in  advance. REMEMBER your wedding is NOT ON our schedule until the contract is signed and balance or  

    deposit is paid. 

     You may send a check however your wedding is not confirmed until your check has cleared.

     Please make checks out to:  Starbuck Sarnella Ent. Inc. 

     PO Box 342351 Austin Tx 78734

     Please indicate the wedding name and date on check. 

4. I Do, Make it Legals are all pre paid in full.  

5. Your marriage license is not included in the fee. Please see rules for obtaining your license here. There is a 72 hour wait period      for all licenses unless you have a waiver. WE CAN NOT SUPPLY a waiver or the license. . 

6.  We charge for travel time outside of a 30 miles radius of Austin.

7. Rehearsals are done on the day of the ceremony.  

Refund Policy:

1. Your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE if you cancel the wedding. You may use this deposit for up to 1 year after original date    

    of the  wedding.

2. If you have paid in full and cancel the wedding prior to 30 day pre-period, your deposit will be retained.

3. If you cancel within 10 days of the wedding date the entire amount is NON REFUNDABLE 

4. To cancel the wedding you must follow this procedure.

    a. One partner must call us immediately.  

    b. An emailed or written cancellation must also be sent and include the names of both parties. 

    c. Any refund will be returned to the person who paid it  through the paypal method or the card to which it was charged. 

5. If you cancel and wish to re-instate the wedding there is a $100 fee and date and time are not guaranteed. 

By placing your name and initials in the box below you are agreeing to the terms and condition as presented above.    


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