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Standard Rose Bouquet

* All of our packages come with a small or large standard rose bouquet. See below for examples. 

* All are hand tied and include your choice of a standard color for flowers and filler.

* Colors considered standard  include Red, White, Yellow, Pink,  Orange, etc.

* Non standard colors are considered and upgrade ie., black, purple, sprayed or multi colored or tipped. 


Specialty Bouquet

* Specialty bouquets include any flower that is not a  rose,  ie. Lilies, Sunflowers, Gerber Daises, Carnations, Peonies etc. 

* A specialty bouquet is an upgrade and can include any in-season, non exotic flower. 

* The fee for out of season or exotic flowers will be discussed with you at the time you submit your planning form. We charge  

    full  market price per stem, shipping and design fee. 

* Specialty flowers and colors are not optional within one month of the event. 


Other flowers 

* Bridesmaids, Jr. bridesmaids, corsages, boutonnieres, petals, table center pieces, alter decor etc.  will be made to match the   

   color  scheme and flower choice of the main bouquet.  If you want a style or  flowers different from the main bouquet,  there     

   will be  additional charges and will be quoted seperatly. 



* Fillers are the greenery and tiny accent stems that you see filling out the bouquet. 

* All our bouquets are made in house. We do not use outside florists.


Planning form directions

* Choose a photo from the examples below and save it to your desktop. Attach it where indicated on the form.

* Don't forget the ribbon color, and general color theme of the wedding.

* You may attach a bouquet you find on Google or Pinterest etc. Just keep in  mind the size and type of bouquet.  Most likely it

   will be an ungrade but attach anyway!

* Our florist will duplicate the image as close as possible.  We reserve the right to substitute certain elements of the bouquet

   without  loosing the general over all feeling and look.


Standard rose bouquets 

Small Bouquet = 12 Roses

Large Bouquet  = 24 Roses


Specialty bouquets

Small  = 12  Stems 

Large = 24 Stems 





Other items

Standard Rose Bouquets

Speciality Bouquets